Alina Davis

Our GenBank submission has just been approved!

– May 10, 2017

Our GenBank submission has just been approved! Here it is:

Backer, S., Christiansen, K., Christofferson, D., Geisinger, S., Graving, S., Jones, K., Miller, R., Omanovic, E., Piatt, D., Reyes-Zuniga, K., Salazar-Klock, L., Sopher, K., Welsch, A., Avanesyan, A., and I. Hazan. (2017) Salvia rosmarinus isolate rs GAPC-2 gene, partial cds. Direct Submission, GenBank Accession no. MF074139

Many thanks to my students who did a great job choosing a plant species (in the first place!) for which a partial sequence for the GAPDH gene (GAPC-2, 1139 bp) previously hasn’t been described, and who, of course, worked hard on isolating and cloning this part of the gene.

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