Alina Davis

Yet another trip to Colorado

– July 29, 2017

Last week I spent in Colorado Springs at the Digging Deeper Summer Professional Development workshop which is part of my Planting Science fellowship I received earlier this year. It was wonderful experience: I enjoyed meeting biology teachers and other scientist mentors, and I’ve learned a lot. If you would have asked me “Where does the tree mass come from?” a week ago I would have hard time explaining this!

We also have a wonderful trip to the Garden of the Gods: red rocks are just gorgeous. Every time I go to Colorado I discover something new. We also went to a “plant walk”, which was a 40 min-walk from the BSCS building to our hotel accompanied by identification of plants we saw and amazing stories about them – many thanks to our ‘tour guide’, Catrina!

I’m looking forward to start working with teachers and their student teams this Fall!

Digging Deeper Summer Professional Development
July 23-27, 2017. Colorado Springs, CO.