Alina Davis

Exploring family-friendly places in Maryland

– April 19, 2018

If not every weekend, but at least every other weekend we try to get out to a new place with our growing little one. I was glad to find out that here in Maryland we could find plenty of such opportunities within an hour-drive from home, and often less than that. Here are the places we have visited so far. Our daughter was super excited about each of them and if she could she would go to each of them every day:

Maryland Heights

Feb, 2018 – it was cold, windy, and rainy, but we made it! We’ve picked a nice kids-friendly trail with a gorgeous view on the Potomac River.

Roer’s Zoofari

March, 2018 – it is a nice open air zoo with 20-min safari bus ride. We fed goats and llamas, enjoyed birds, giraffes, camels, cheetahs, and tried not to wake kangaroos up.

The Original Playhouse Childrens Museum

April, 2018 – this is exclusively for kids, of course. It has several themed rooms – our daughter enjoyed playing with water, construction tools, blocks, pretend snakes in the pretend rainforest, and even a little theatre. Finally we all enjoyed playing outside on a very original playground with a castle and a hidden slide which for some reason reminded me of the slopes in Colorado.

Cunningham Falls State Park

April, 2018 – we apparently went not to the best trail for kids, but according to what I’ve read the park has a lot of different trails with beautiful views. So we are looking forward to exploring it more. Nevertheless, the weather was beautiful, and we were glad to spend a couple of hours hiking and exploring all the sticks and pine cones our daughter could find (extremely hard task). I was also on watch out for the spotted lanternfly, but nothing so far. Not yet, I guess..