Alina Davis

Maryland Day in pictures

– May 7, 2018

We had a wonderful time on campus celebrating our annual Maryland Day! I was really impressed how well everything was organized and how many things there were to do with friends and family, and of course with little and not so little kids. We came there for 2 hours and stayed for the whole day! My daughter enjoyed our insect petting zoo very much, although she refused to touch the tarantula (well, I don’t blame her); but “scooping bugs” was by far her favorite thing to do. She also was fascinated with all the insect models and stickers with insects; and of course she immediately “borrowed” the toy-grasshopper from my office desk once she had spotted it.

We tried some other things, too: we got to the barn where we touched sheep and watched beautiful horses. Ice-cream, a balloon, a police cap, lots of candies, and wonderful weather were included! This was the first time I took my daughter to my work - she said she liked it very much, and I’m pretty sure she thinks now that my work is Maryland Day every day!

My first time decorating the entrance
Insect petting zoo. Getting ready!
Bugs are fascinating!
First collection
Getting wet with my labmates
Stickers - the best award!
Finally could touch something..
"Mommy, I don’t want it on my hand"
DNA chain, our contribution is the last yellow piece
Enjoying candies and nice weather
Second favorite stop after Insect Zoo
So much fun!