Alina Davis

Successful amplification of COI partial gene from dragonfly prey

– June 10, 2019

Molecular identification of prey in predator diet - this is a new challenge in my DNA barcoding work; I amplify DNA from dragonfly prey items (a new lab project I’m involved in). In addition to a gut content analysis, I’m working with degraded DNA from dragonfly feces. Last week I successfully amplified and sequenced COI partial gene from dragonfly feces produced during the first 2 hours post ingestion. The sequence analysis with subsequent BLAST results showed that the prey item was a crane fly. Surprisingly enough the DNA from the crane fly wasn’t degraded and an isolated fragment of 667 bp showed good sequence quality. These exciting results can make identification of dragonfly prey possible and accurately confirm (or even poitn to new) trophic interactions in dragonfly natural habitats.

Obtaining the DNA of a crane fly from dragonfly feces.