Alina Davis

My nature drawings

– May 6, 2021

I’m happy to share my little (so far!) collection of my nature drawings with a heavy focus on insect drawings, of course! I always loved to draw but last year I started drawing insects. I love it! At first, I’ve decided to draw my favorite study species only, but it is hard to resist drawing anything beautiful I see. So my collection extended to some other insect species and plants. Last January, I took an online course “Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101”, a course of study offered by NewcastleX, an online learning initiative of The University of Newcastle. I proudly completed all the assignments (some of them are below) and earned a certificate. The drawing of the eastern gray squarel was my final exam drawing.

Here is my page at where I post my new drawings as I finish them. This and last week two of my drawings, the spotted lanternfly and the silver maple, were featured at ThePencilClub - group. So exciting!